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Today GS, AIBSNLEA discussed with Director (HR), BSNL Board regarding

A) Status of Reversion of 2007- LDCE SDEs (2001 DR Batch):

GS enquired about the status of the Committee Recommendation with the Director (HR). Director (HR) mentioned that the meetings of the Committee were completed and the recommendation of the Committee was not yet submitted. He further mentioned that the recommendation of the Committee will be submitted within a couple of days. GS requested the Director (HR) for the early issuance of the favourable orders in this regard to mitigate the sufferings and frustration of the Young and Dynamic SDEs who have put more than 10 years Service in the SDE Cadre. Director (HR) appreciated the concern of AIBSNLEA and assured to look in to the matter.


Earlier, as requested by AIBSNLEA, Committee was formed to look in to the issues regarding Reversion of 2007- LDCE SDEs (2001 DR batch). AIBSNLEA submitted its views before the Committee Members during the month of June, 2020 as per the Directions of the Director (HR). The Committee required reports from all the Circles. The same was received by the Pers. Branch. Several rounds of meeting of the Committee was conducted for the past 4 months and it is reliably learnt recommendation of the Committee is  positive and the decision will be taken after the approval of the Competent Authority shortly.

B) Status of JAO 1999 Batch Pay fixation and recovery issue in respect of Telungana and AP Circles:- Director (HR) mentioned that the issue was discussed in detail with the HR Team with reference to the compliance report received from the CGMT Telungana and on the back ground of existing BSNL CO orders and Policy decision in this regard and decided to consider the case as one time relaxation. He further assured that the clarification orders will be issued shortly. GS, AIBSNLEA conveyed sincere thanks to the Director (HR) and the whole  HR  Team for the settlement of the issue.

History of the Case: AIBSNLEA Requested  BSNL Management  for the Withdrawal of the letter issued on the  presumption of Telangana  Circle regarding  the wrong  Pay fixation done against first up-gradation under Executive Promotion Policy (EPP) for the JAOs of 1999 Batch by DGM Vigilance of CGMT, TS Circle from 17.3.2020 onwards. In this regard GS, AIBSNLEA has written a letter to the Management on 17.3.2020 followed by 3 Reminders. AIBSNLEA CHQ Office bearers discussed the issue with  Dir(HR), DIR(Fin), PGM(Pers), Sr.GM(Estt),  GM(EF) and DGM (Pers) in detail several times with relevant orders/clarifications issued by the DoT, Pers & SEA Branch of BSNL CO, but even after a lapse of five months, due to Covid-19 etc., the issue has not been resolved. Finally Director (HR) invited AIBSNLEA for detailed discussion with the HR Team on 25.8.2020 at 1100 hrs. GS and AGS participated in the meeting and submitted AIBSNLEA views in this regard with facts and relevant orders/clarifications issued by the DoT, Pers & SEA Branch of BSNL CO. The meeting lasted for more than 2 hours. After detailed discussions and patient hearing, Director(HR) assured that the issue will be considered as one time relaxation basis due to  procedural lapse, after obtaining the compliance report from the CGMT, Telungana.  We further requested Director(HR)  to resolve the issue on priority basis since the issue is pending at Pers branch for a petty long time and issue necessary clarification in this regard to Telungana Circle Administration so as to mitigate the sufferings faced by the concerned Accounts Personnel, at least before the release of 4th & Final installment of Ex-gratia  <<<Click here for GS letter reminder III >>>

C) Consideration of request transfers in the Cadre of AGM/CAO/SDE/AO:- We requested Director(HR) to consider the pending request transfers in the Cadre of AGM/CAO/SDE/AO. Director (HR) mentioned that it is under process and assured that the orders will be issued after analyzing and reviewing the Overall Scenario of Man Power Planning due to the proposed Restructuring of SSAs and BAs.


Meeting with PGM (Pers)

GS and AGS, AIBSNLEA met PGM (Pers) on 02.09.2020 and have a detailed discussion regarding:

A) Discrepancies in the Provisional Seniority list No.9 of SDE(T) for DE(T) Promotions:  PGM (Pers) informed that as per the instructions of CMD BSNL and Director (HR), discrepancies noticed in the Provisional Seniority list No.9 of SDE(T) for the promotion of DE(T) issued by the Pers branch on 10.8.2020,  as pointed out by AIBSNLEA in the meeting held with  CMD BSNL  on 24.08.2020 and Director (HR) on 26.08.2020 will be revised purely on the basis of the date of joining in accordance with the judgment pronounced by Hon’ble Supreme Court. i.e., that the SDE(T)s  promoted for the vacancy year (2006-07, 2007-08) in SCF promotion on 15.05.2009 and the  SDE(T)s  Promoted for the vacancy year (2008-09) in SCF promotion on 30.03.2011 will be placed  en bloc seniors  to the SDE(T)s Promoted on 02.07.2013 through LDCE 2012 (2006-07 to 2008-09). 

AIBSNLEA  brought to the notice of CMD and Director (HR) that the SDE(T) RR 2002 Amendment (That is Modification/addition/deletion in SDE(T) RR 2002) circulation dated 08-May-2018 “the Inter-se Seniority of the officers promoted against Seniority Quota (SQ-67%) and those who are promoted through LDCE/LICE quota (CQ-33%) against the particular vacancy year shall be fixed in the ratio of 2:1 irrespective of the year of appointment/date of joining”. “This Modification applicable with effect from 28/08/2015” onwards only. Any RR amendment is applicable from that date (that is Prospective in nature) but not on retrospectively.

Click here for the letters of GS to <<<CMD BSNL>>>  & <<<DIRECTOR (HR)>>>

B) Reversion of 2007- LDCE SDEs (2001 DR Batch):

As requested by AIBSNLEA, Committee was formed to look in to the issues regarding Reversion of 2007- LDCE SDEs (2001 DR batch). AIBSNLEA submitted its views before the Committee Members during the month of June, 2020 as per the Directions of the Director (HR). The Committee required reports from all the Circles. The same was received by the Pers. Branch. PGM (Pers) informed that the Committee meeting was conducted on Monday and it is recommended positively and the decision will be taken after the approval of the Competent Authority shortly.

C) Status of JAO 1999 Batch Pay fixation and recovery issue in respect of Telungana and AP Circles:- PGM (Pers) mentioned that as per the directions issued by the Director (HR) during the meeting held with AIBSNLEA on 26.08.2020, compliance report has been called for from the CGMT Telungana. The same was received by the Pers branch and it was examined. Detailed discussion in this regard will be held with Director (HR) tomorrow on 03.09.2020, he further added. On behalf of AIBSNLEA, we requested PGM (Pers) that the procedural lapse committed by the TLG Circle Administration while issuing the promotion orders may be condoned by the Director (HR) and we further requested to issue necessary clarification in this regard to Telungana Circle Administration so as to mitigate the problems faced by the concerned Accounts Personal.  

D) AO to CAO Promotions- Status Quo case: We have requested PGM (Pers) to file WP in the Hon’ble High Court of Punjab and Haryana Chandigarh so as to hear the Status Quo case of AO the CAO promotion immediately in Hon’ble CAT Chandigarh. We further explained to PGM (Pers) that earlier the Hon’ble High Court of Punjab & Haryana Chandigarh directed the CAT Chandigarh to deliver the judgment in the next date of hearing but Hon’ble CAT Chandigarh has not hearing the case and deferred the hearing to 6th Nov, 2020. After patient hearing PGM(Pers) assured to look in to the matter.

E) JTO to SDE(T) Promotion and  Seniority issue: We enquired about the status of the JTO to SDE(T) Promotion and further course of action to be taken by the Management after the dismissal of the Review Petition by  the Hon’ble High Court of Kerala .

PGM (Pers) informed that the Review Petition filed for restoring the Training Centre marks as criteria for deciding the JTO inter-se seniority was dismissed by the Hon’ble Kerala High Court. Hon’ble Kerala High Court ordered that JTO inter-se seniority is to be fixed as per Date of Joining which is against the BSNL Policy. As per the existing JTO RR 2014, the inter-se seniority will be fixed on the basis of Training Centre Marks.

The Prayer of the Petitioner i.e., 1:1 seniority between 1995 recruited Departmental JTO and 2001 recruited DR JTO also dismissed by the Hon’ble Keral High Court.

PGM (Pers) informed that BSNL will file SLP in the Hon’ble Supreme Court  against the High Court judgment.

F) Consideration of request transfers in the Cadre of AGM/CAO/SDE/AO:- We requested PGM(Pers.) to consider the pending request transfers in the Cadre of AGM/CAO/SDE/AO. PGM (Pers.) mentioned that it is under process and assured that the orders will be issued after approved by the Competent Authority.

G) Request transfers in the Cadre of AO from Corporate Office to other Circles:- We requested PGM (Pers.) to consider the pending request transfers in the Cadre of Accounts Officers. PGM (Pers) mentioned that the Competent Authority has approved the request transfers and assured that the orders are being issued shortly.

H) SDE(T) to DE(T) Promotion: PGM (Pers) mentioned that against the judgment delivered by the Hon'ble CAT Chandigarh, i.e. against the SC/ST roster and Catch-up Rule in the promotions, BSNL Management is going to appeal in the Hon'ble High Court.

I) DGM(Ad-hoc) to DGM(Regular) promotions: We requested PGM (Pers) to consider the DGM (Ad-hoc) to DGM (Regular) Promotions as agreed by the CMD BSNL and the Director (HR) in various meetings. PGM (Pers) mentioned that the same is being considered.

J) AGM to DGM(T) & CAO to DGM(Fin) Promotions: We requested PGM (Pers) to consider the DGMs promotions by giving relaxation in the eligibility condition as assured by the Director (HR) in the various meetings due to the shortage of the the officers in DGMs Grade. PGM (Pers) mentioned that the same is under process as per the direction of the CMD BSNL. AIBSNLEA had discussed the matter with the CMD BSNL and the Director (HR) BSNL Board for consideration by giving relaxation in the eligibility conditions.


2nd MV in some Association's sites

Dear Friends!

It is very surprising to note that so many claimers are there for the recently released outstanding SAB payments from Sept, 2019 to Jan, 2020 and it is very ridiculous to see that mud sliding and Website war is going on even after the completion of the 2nd MV in some Association's sites, which is not a healthy trend for the interest and Welfare of the BSNL Executives and BSNL. We, on behalf of AIBSNLEA wish to inform you all that AIBSNLEA is the only Association taken up the issue with the BSNL Management continuously, by writing letters and persuasion with CMD BSNL, Director (Finance), Director (HR) & Sr.GM (CBB) Corporate Office from time to time and due to consistent and dedicated efforts of AIBSNLEA, the outstanding SAB benefits has been finally released. Please go-through the AIBSNLEA CHQ website for the letters written and issues taken up with the BSNL Management in this regards.


<<<Click here for GS letter dt 06.08.2020>>>

<<<Click here for GS letter dt 20.07.2020>>>

<<<Click here for GS letter dt 22.06.2020>>>


Comrades! Also see our AIBSNLEA CHQ Website write-ups dated 11.06.2020,  10.06.2020  &  04.06.2020 and so on... meetings with CMD BSNL, Director (HR) & Director (Finance) which is the documentary proof for efforts by AIBSNLEA.......Comrades! Truth is Always Truth.


Ground & field work always speaks the truth but those who are running the Association through only WhatsApp & Website claiming for the settlement of the issue. Reality & the Truth has come to the Light now.

AIBSNLEA strongly believes that the “Actual Fight & Action at the Ground level is the only solution to this Leg Pulling approach".


Dear Friends! From the above, you can very well understand that AIBSNLEA is the only Association always voice fiercely raising the Legitimate and Genuine Demands of all the Executives before the Management and continuously pursuing with the Management without seeing any Cadre, Caste & Creed.

AIBSNLEA always believes that 'Actions Speak Louder than the Words'.


AIBSNLEA respect the verdict of the majority of the Executives. At the same time, we fervently appeal to the Majority Recognized representative Association and the Support Association, instead of fighting with each other through Website, please come forward to fight unitedly for the settlement of the long pending HR issues and to safe guard the interests and legitimate rights of all the BSNL Employees.



Dear Friends!

August 18th 2020, is the most crucial day for BSNL Executives’ career because this day decides who will represent the Executives of BSNL before Management, this day decides who will negotiate with the Management on behalf of all Executives, this day will decide who can take care of BSNL future/ Survival in view of the present Financial crunch of BSNL/Covid-19...etc., etc.... So friends, time/ opportunity to take crucial decisions will not come again and again....... So everybody must vote on 18th August 2020 without fail as the Vote is the most powerful weapon in Democracy...... So now you are going to vote ... To whom you are to vote? Please vote for AIBSNLEA at Sl. No. 1, why?

AIBSNLEA has always proved itself as an actuator in all drives of the legitimate demands of BSNL Executives.

AIBSNLEA believes in the ground work and not in the mere pump and show on bandwagons. Fight can’t be win by standing on bandwagons, we believes that it is only the ground work with full of sweat and blood flow which brings outcomes.

Fights can’t be won by mischievous/malicious/fake propaganda on WhatsApp etc., without doing any ground work. AIBSNLEA always believes that actions speak louder than the words.

AIBSNLEA believes that there is never just one thing that leads to success for anyone, feel it always a combination of passion, dedication, hard work, and being in the right place at the right time and AIBSNLEA success is known to everyone.

Despite the several negative forces running every nuke and corner to derail the resolution of issues and doing all sort of propaganda to just achieve their sinister motives, AIBSNLEA strongly believes that the “Actual fighting/action at Ground level” is the only solution to this leg pulling approach by some overzealous/vested interest mongers/groups.

The roots of AIBSNLEA are nourished by the water of different rivers like Associations of all the Streams. This is the real strength of AIBSNLEA and it has no need to be proved before anyone.

Nobody can steal its sunshine glory because nobody can steal the aroma of flower. Now, this is the time to make the glory of AIBSNLEA more shining, make the power of

AIBSNLEA more intensified and time to say a big ‘NO’ to further Machiavellian moves of our opponents.

Every Executive should come forward to join Hands with AIBSNLEA for safe future of BSNL & its Executives as well.



1.       Implementation of the 3rd PRC w.e.f. 01.01.2017 with 15% Fitment.

2.       Immediate issuance of “Regular Promotions” in all the Streams/Grades

3.       Extending 30% SAB to BSNL Recruits per the recommendation of 2nd PRC.

4.       5 (five) advance increments on the minimum revised E1 IDA Pay Scale of Rs.16400-40500 to all the post 2010 left out groups/batches of the Executives. 

5.       Implementation of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy, and First Time Bound Promotion on completion of 4 years.

6.       Standard Pay Scale of E2 and E3 replacing E1A and E2A for all Post 2007 DR/LICE JTOs/JAOs and for the future DRs.

7.       Pay parity of Rs 22820/- for the directly recruited Executives especially for the DR JTOs of 2007 & 2008 batches (including Departmental Outsiders), and JAOs of 2010 batch.

8.       Decentralize the Administrative and Financial powers

9.       Motivate Executives by providing Trainings, Seminars, Moral Education and attractive incentive schemes etc.

10.   oppose the Privatization/ Disinvestment of BSNL in any form

11.   Oppose arbitrary deployment of ITS officers in BSNL

12.   Scrapping of the MT RRs and DGM RRs.

13.   Implementation of Executive Transfer Policy and Rule-8 transfers in true spirit.

14.   Revision of TA/DA Rates as the current rates are more than 15 years old.

15.   Free FTTH Connection to all the Executives & retirees.

16.   Launching of Country wide 4G Services by BSNL

17.   Timely payment salary and remittance of deductions from salary to respective authorities.

18.   Pay anomaly/Pay related issued before the merger of BSNL & MTNL

19.   Restoration of LTC Facility for all employees.

20.   Health Insurance of All Employees2.   Revival of BSNL to regain it

Kindly hear your Heart and Vote for AIBSNLEA at Sl No-1 



S. Sivakumar

General Secretary, AIBSNLEA





“Consistent efforts of AIBSNLEA brought Happy moments in the life of the Executives. Sincere, Dedicated and Honest way of functioning always paves the way for Success”.

1.        Mega Promotions- Mile Stone created in the History of DoT & BSNL for arranging CPCs for 14000 promotions in 15 days in almost all cadres/Streams.

2.        AIBSNLEA‘s Magnificent struggle has paved the way for the Revival of BSNL by the Govt.

3.        25% Superannuation benefits to BSNL Recruits.

4.        JAO 2010 Batch (LDCE 40%) option case settled.

5.        Group Term Insurance for the BSNL Executives.

6.         e-DPC/e-APAR: Taken up the issue of early conduction of DPC through e-DPC resulting e-APAR got introduced in BSNL in Feb 2017.

7.        E1+ 5 increments to JTOs/JAOs of DR/LDCE of 2007& 2008 .

8.        FR22(1)(a)(i) benefits extended to the Ex. Officiating  JTOs.

9.        AIBSNLEA Filed & won in the Court against Withdrawal of Additional Increment on functional promotion under EPP.

10.    AIBSNLEA filed a case against formation of Tower Subsidiary formation and stopped the formation of the Tower Subsidiary.  

11.    AIBSNLEA succeeded for the payment of Ex-Gratia to the VRS optees by the Govt from the Budgetary Support.

12.    AIBSNLEA & AUAB got approved the 3rd PRC from BSNL Board, with 15% fitment by relaxing the affordability clause. BSNL despite being a loss making CPSE, recommended for implementation of 3rd PRC in BSNL.

13.    Hundreds of Rule 8 transfer of JTOs/JAOs settled.


SANKALP PATHRA OF SNEA - “The CAT is out of the BAG”

SNEA has conducted a video conferencing during Janmashtami in which our Ex-Dir HR & Ex-Executive Director have participated. During the course of the interaction, they have expressed certain remarks and finally appreciated the role of SNEA in supporting the Decisions of Management.

The Salient comments of Ex-Executive Director who was the chairman of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy committee are:

The JTO to DE/AGM & JAO to CAO are interchangeable under the proposed CPSU Cadre Hierarchy and SNEA played a vital role in arriving at this important conclusion.

This means instead of demanding for a Promotion from one cadre to higher cadre, the SNEA has simply surrendered our prestige and made JTO, SDE, DE / JAO, AO, CAO as Equal. This means “Dilution of cadre”.

The Salient features of the interactions with Ex-DIR-HR are:

All the Old guards have gone and a virtual Heart Transplantation is done on BSNL -- that means the SNEA had a big role in removing the old Heart.

SNEA is the Charioteer and the GMs of BSNL CO are in the Rath during the process of finalization of CPSU cadre Hierarchy and the SNEA has literally made a “Trade off” -- Means What?

Before the Board Meeting at Hyderabad the Ex-DIR-HR herself felt that CPSU Cadre Hierarchy is not suitable for a company like BSNL- that is why AIBSNLEA  demanded and got the Mega14000 Promotion  in all the Streams before the implementation of CPSU CH(i.e.,  SDE to DGM level) which created the Mile stone in the History of DoT BSNL

The Managemet Trainees at various levels is a must for BSNL to grow and SNEA leaders have great vision on that- which clearly shows that SNEA is against the carrier progression of Young DRs.

The Strike Era of Trade Unions has gone and only a negotiation can make some settlement possible which SNEA has understood well --- that means all their (SNEA) Strike Threat is only on paper.


From the above video conferencing, it is very clear that SNEA is not depending on what they have done during the  past three and half  years  and doubted about their victory in the 2nd MVP since they have not achieved anything for the past three and half years and miserably failed.

If SNEA is try to get more Votes from the Executives through this appreciation made by the Ex Executive Director Shri M.M. Khan, why they opposed the recommendation of Khan Committee report and derailed the CPSU CH process for the past 3 and half years.

AIBSNLEA feel this is highly unethical on the part of such highly placed officers, although retired, to praise publically about one Association. During this 2nd MVP Period they should have avoided attending such meetings. If at all required to attend and address such meeting, they should mention about all the Associations Particularly the role of AIBSNLEA. AIBSNLEA strongly condemned the unethical and illegal Act of respectable Ex-Director (HR) & Executive Director of BSNL Board for supporting SNEA through Video Conferencing for the cheap publicity of SNEA in the forthcoming 2nd MVP. It clearly shows that SNEA is smelling the defeat, now trying to influence the Executives in their favour in this unethical way.

 By attempting to rope in the votes of Executives, the SNEA masterminded something but finally landed in a misadventure by which they have caught hold of the Tiger’s Tail and this will be a permanent SCAR on the image of SNEA, which boasted itself as warriors of Trade Union Movement. Not only the self respect of thousands of Executives has been pledged by SNEA at the feet of the Management but also they have made a GROSS VIOLATION OF STIPULATED CODE OF CONDUCT RULES FOR AN ELECTION. The whole episode now identifies the True Colours of SNEA.

THE WHOLE 2nd MVP PROCESS HAS BEEN MADE AS  A MOCERKRY OF DEMOCRACY BY SNEA.  At least now, our Executives must Re orient their thought and mind about SNEA. Come out openly and show them the Door. If it is not NOW then it will be NEVER.

Hence, We fervently appeal all the Executives don’t get confused by this type of unethical Video display and  it is the time to introspect, think over, Decide & Follow Your Heart and cast your Valuable Vote in favour of

AIBSNLEA  at   SL. No 1

and make AIBSNLEA as No 1 Association to safeguard the interest of BSNL Executives & save the BSNL.